Is Your Self-Confidence Priceless? Here’s How Designing A New Smile Can Change Your Life. Your smile is something you wear every day. The better it looks, the more confident you’ll feel.


About 5% of the population have gummy smile. It means that when they smile excess of gingiva is shown. One of the main cause is Altered passive eruption. It means that while a child is growing the gums passively grows backward and as a result the teeth has normal width and length ratio. When this process is disturbed the gingiva does not migrate backward and as a result the crown looks smaller in height and excess tissue is seen when the patient smiles.

In order to achieve symmetry in smile and gums, with the right diagnosis and right technique the gummy smile can be treated. It may involve procedures, which is provided at Valley Periodontics and Dental Implants, like gingivectomy, lasers, open flap, apically positioned flap with ostectomy.

Patients can be confident when they smile and has a huge impact on their psychological well being and in society.

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