Cost effectiveness of Implants

Don’t be misled by the initial savings on conventional replacement like Bridge. Besides all the other advantages of Dental Implants over Bridge, there is monetary gain as well. If you were to compare the total cost between replacing missing teeth with Implants and conventional Bridge, studies have shown that in the long run Implants supported replacement turns out to be economical than the conventional Bridge. It is similar to choosing Electric or Hybrid car over conventional car.

Straumann implant solutions. Quality return on investment.

Your health is your wealth, and Straumann dental implant solutions provide:

  • Better quality of life
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Improved oral health & physical appearance

You cannot put a value on one’s health; however, there is a monetary aspect when it comes to deciding between dental implants and conventional restorations. Interestingly, studies suggest that implants may be less expensive in the long term.

Long-term cost efficiency

After 7 years, the costs for a single-tooth implant restoration pay off and the long-term maintenance costs are lower than for a conventional bridge

In terms of cost-effectiveness, scientific studies came to significant conclusions: For single-tooth replacement, a single implant is to be regarded as a cost-effective treatment option in comparison to a traditional 3-unit fixed dental prosthesis. <ref>Priest, GF, Priest JE. The Economics Of Implants For Single Missing Teeth. Dental Economics 2004;94(5):130-138.</ref> In some situations with either non- or minimally restored teeth with sufficient bone, an implant reconstruction is recommended from an economical point of view.<ref name="Vogel">Vogel R1, Smith-Palmer J, Valentine W. Evaluating the health economic implications and costeffectiveness of dental implants: a literature review.</ref> For the replacement of multiple teeth, dental implant protheses were associated with higher initial costs, but improvements in oral health-related quality of life compared with other treatment options.<ref name="Vogel"/>


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